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    When I began in 1998 giving Sander the quantities of supplements that were intended to ease his imminent death, and when I began feeding him a natural raw diet, in 1999, the veterinarians that I saw were skeptical, to say the least. They regarded me with pity, I think, and said that the supplements probably wouldn’t hurt, but that feeding raw meat and bones, well, that was downright dangerous. I thought the cancer presented a larger danger. I found support for my beliefs and methods in the alternative community, but not among conventional veterinarians.

    In 2001, I took Sander to see a holistic vet who had a large practice and clinic in a town in Wisconsin. That vet thoroughly approved of everything that I was doing, but like the other vets, he had nothing much to add to my meager store of knowledge about canine cancer. He said that the longest he had known a dog to live with this type of cancer was 13 months after diagnosis. “But – Sander’s at 26 months,” I said; and he answered, “I know. You’re the benchmark now.”

    In 2003, when Sander made five years past diagnosis, I took him to see a veterinary oncologist again. She had seen him a few years earlier, but when she learned that he had crossed that magical five-year mark, she was more than surprised. She repeated, “This is amazing!” and when I asked her if his longevity and health could be attributed to the diet and supplements, she said, “I don’t see what else it could be! Yes, absolutely.”

    It was at that point that I started to think that I should write something about Sander’s regimen and his life with cancer. I made an outline of topics I wanted to address, but it sat in my desk drawer for a couple of years. Then, when Sander died in January 2006, I knew it was time to write whatever it was – which turned out to be a book, since it was too long for an article.

    Sander’s book is almost finished and I expect to self-publish it in the spring of 2007. It is a short book, probably between 50 and 75 pages when complete. In it, I write about all the things that I learned when I changed the way my dogs lived, because of Sander’s cancer. There are chapters on cancer treatments; nutrition and diet; vaccinations; veterinarians; arthritis and chiropractic; pest control with and without chemicals; and death and dying.

    When Sander’s book is available, this page will contain information on how to purchase it. Please check back periodically to find updates about Sander’s book.

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